“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

- Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)


Thank you for stopping by and ordering from “Bohemian Alley”, you’re not just supporting my business, but you’re making my dreams come true! And I hope our products bring a smile on your face! 


About us - Bohemian Alley


I am Nimisha Modi and welcome to my dream - “BOHEMIAN ALLEY” - your one stop destination for all things boho & more!

Me and my mom, Nidhi Modi, run this together! We’re a kick-ass mom and daughter duo working around the clock (my mom alongside her full-time job & family duties) to make this small business a household brand across the globe! My dad stays abroad, but he too helps me with everything I need assistance with running this business via 3 a.m. video calls!



Little Backstory

It was 2020, when the pandemic hit us and I was just 20 years old when I graduated with a degree in finance (something I absolutely hate, unless it’s about calculating profits :P). One day me and my parents were just casually sitting and talking about what do people do after their retirement? Since both my parents were always in the service sector, I thought why not start a business till the time I am working from home and once it’s all set up, I will flee off to another country and they’ll have a great source of income and a productive way to kill their time once they retire.


Process of Setting Up Business

Never did I realise that, in the process of setting up this business, the more I worked on scaling it up, the more I fell in love with it. With each passing day my love for Bohemian Alley started growing more and more. And it reached a point where my side hustle started demanding my full time and attention. I then quit my job as a full-time content developer to become a full-time entrepreneur. After all, Bohemian Alley was my brainchild and like my baby… I couldn’t have left it like that to anyone.



To Our New Beginnings

On May 26, 2022, my dad's 54th birthday, precisely 20 months from when we started & 1875+ orders later, we moved to this website! 
Having flooded all our empty cupboards and drawers in our house, we decided to convert the 2nd floor of our house into our office cum warehouse with over 50+ products and a variety of prints & patterns to choose from. 
With our new website and office set up, we open our doors for the world to order from & we aim to conquer the world one stationery product at a time!
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Bohemian represents a style that embraces the carefree, the unusual, the unconventional & the rule-breaking! A lot of our products are made of cotton hand-block printed fabric discarded by cloth manufacturing units in the pink city of Rajasthan. Hence the colours, patterns & prints you see would be different every few weeks!

With the idea of combining sustainability and usability, Bohemian Alley aims to upcycle discarded fabric materials into something of high utility & offer a modern yet traditional melange to your lives!

Since we use discarded fabric and upcycle it, getting the same prints and colours isn't possible for us. And we don't know if we will get the same print or not. So each piece is like AN EXCLUSIVE ONE!

About Nimisha

I was pursuing B.Com Hons at NMIMS, Mumbai and was absolutely loathing every bit, when I stumbled upon a student exchange program happening in Turkey and went for it during my first year college break. That one trip to Turkey changed my life forever! I was just 18 when I travelled alone for 6 weeks and realised a lot of things about myself and what I wanted in terms of life, career, love, passion and so much more on this trip. That was the exact moment when I decided I am going to do all things I love from now on and never look back. Sitting there I applied for travel blogging and wrote about 15 travel blogs till my last year of college. I ditched sitting for finance roles at my college placements and took up a job in creative marketing because that was what I truly was at the core as a person, a creative soul!

“Life is too short to be spent at a war with yourself”, so I do whatever my heart says! 

Nimisha Modi

I am someone who doesn’t live by the rule book, but loves making her own. You would often find me daydreaming, imagining or fantasising with my eyes wide open. Colours and floral designs really make me happy and I cannot work without Bollywood music on!

I adore meeting and interacting with new people and travelling is my second love, first is of course me! Travelling really helps me keep my creativity alive and gives me a new perspective! I romanticise the smallest of things and that’s what makes my life feel like a dream cum reality. I love all things aesthetic and I would really be dead if I am not creating something!

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “BOHEMIAN”!

And hence, the name “Bohemian Alley”, a true reflection of who I am! Someone who loves all things unconventional, speaks in various art forms be it music, art, writing or dance, hates being boring and has creativity in his heart and soul. I am glad to have started this business. It’s like a gift for me to myself. “Bohemian Alley” is like an amalgamation of all my dreams coming true!

You'll spot me roaming around with my backpack and if you ever happen to meet me, I would love to know about your life, love story, travels and pets!

About Nidhi Modi

What do I say about my mom? She’s the first person I have to tell everything that happens in my life to. She’s more like my best friend than my mother and now my business partner too! She’s a great multitasker and you would often find her juggling with her full-time job, entrepreneurship responsibilities and wife, mother, daughter, and daughter-in-law duties. (honestly I don’t think so I will ever be able to step in her shoes in this life!). 

She’s the one making everything behind-the-scenes work - following up with courier companies, talking with customers, and making sure our customers are happy! She has got excellent communication and relationship management skills (both at business and at home). She blends well with all age groups and has a great zeal for learning new things from the new generation and the fact that she’s a fast learner, really helps! (The mommy who knows the Gram! Is what my friends refer to her as!)

Upcycled and Handmade Products.